Three Hundred Years of Music for the Lower Oboes, 1660s-1960s


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Bibliography/Discography of the entire serious family of the oboe (oboe d’amore, English horn, bass oboe and its related). Michael Finkelman

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Three Hundred Years of Music for the Lower Oboes, 1660s-1960s. Michael Finkelman

This is a complete historical list of works in all genres for or with any of the members of the oboe family.
deeper than the treble: i.e. the oboe d’amore, the English horn, the bass oboe and their akin.
instruments in similar ranges (the large oboe, the human vox, the oboe da caccia, etc.) The time period
The first three centuries of existence of these instruments are covered, and the lost works are included. this
it is the product of forty-eight years of research, using all the references available in all European countries.
languages, with complete bibliographic /academic apparatus included. Documented in these listings are not
only chamber works and soloists of all kinds for these instruments, but also important orchestral works and
operatic works that employ them in a significant way. Representative recordings are also cited. of
From both the interpreter’s and the historian’s point of view, this book should be quite revealing and a welcome
Contribution to the music research literature as it contains a large amount of never before collected data.
in a volume, much of it unknown until now. (768 pages, bound).

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