REEDS ‘N STUFF for Bassoon Diamond Coated Reamer


50,97 - sin IVA.
61,67 - IVA Incl.
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REEDS ‘N STUFF for Bassoon Diamond Coated Reamer

Diamond-coated reamer.

Sharp, diamond reamer, with round wooden handle, bee, cut easily.
Our chucks and reamers complete the rod adjustment process precisely to the mouth. Its corresponding mandrel and reamer parabolic cone allows precise adjustment of the reeds on the instrument and the appropriate volume within the reed.

The multi-slot spiral reamer cuts very easily and the diamond reamer finishes the interior perfectly.

Tech Specs

Length: about 145 mm
Weight: 88g
Material: High Quality German Steal, Beech
Model: diamond coated
Manufacturer: Reeds ‘n Stuff
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