Path of Virtuosity 2


19,18 - sin IVA.
19,95 - IVA Incl.

With this second volume it is intended that any shade, in any record, Báguena/Salanova

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With this second volume it is intended that any tone, in any record, in any articulation and in binary or ternary pulses does not pose any problem to us due to lack of habit of practice. A logical form is proposed to study the major and minor tones that will allow the performer to become familiar with those that are most difficult, either by reading or by their mechanical complication. Exercises with changes in the rhythmic fraction within the same pulse are also proposed to complete the formation of our internal rhythm.

Juan Carlos Báguena and Francisco Salanova.

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Size: 29.5 x 21 cm
Pages: 184
Binding: Guairo
ISBN: 84-96093-29-1
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