112,73 - sin IVA.
136,40 - IVA Incl.

Please select 1 oboe shape. These shapes can be used for all shaped machines.

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After several months of working together with our dear friends Jose Antonio Masmano and Reeds ́n Stuff we can offer you the definitive version of its cane shape.
This shaper, which we could frame within the “wide” molds, works especially well with 45 and 46 mm staples.
With measures of 7.09 in the 0 mm and 7.01 in the 10 mm it is an easy, safe and pleasant emission rod given its width.
Up to 25 mm with 5.44 closes proportionally to give it the best stability.
And from 27 mm we maintain the measure (and no longer narrow) for a better transition and fastening to the staple.
Available in both the shaper and shaped canes.

Oboe shape. To ensure absolute symmetry, we manufacture our forming forms using the latest CNC technology. Through complex hardening processes in the vacuum, the contour remains unchanged cut by cut. The highest quality tool steel guarantees this for many years to come.

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