Custom Oboe Reed


20,00 - sin IVA.
24,20 - IVA Incl.


The price of the Reed varies depending on the staple you choose. Base price of 24,20 euros with staple Chiarugi. Minimum order of 5 reeds.

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Custom oboe Reed. Choose the staple

All the material for the realization of our reeds is selected one by one following a thorough quality control.

From the shovel (thickness, shape, hardness, color, straightness, etc…), tied, tudel, general measurements, scraping, etc… We think about quality rather than quantity.
If you have clear the characteristics of your rod we can customize it, choosing tudel, total length, scraping length, shovel shape, hardness, thickness, etc… If not, you can try our standard model.

Additional Information
Weight 0,02 kg
Forma pala

H117, H9, BERLIN, DIANA, H38, -2 (Reeds 'N Stuff), Valero -2, H6, H7, LORY, NICK, LM2, LM3, LM5, V4, Bourgue, H127, R. WEIGALL, RSO1, RDG -1, H99, INGO, M725, Albrecht Mayer, H17.0, ORTEGA, Thomas, H69, RIG2, RC11, RC12, RC13, RC14, RC15, W11, W12, W13, W15


10 – 10'25, 10'25 – 10'50, 10'50 – 10'75, 10'75 – 11, 11 – 11'25, 11'25 – 11'50

Dureza Caña

Hard, Medium, Soft


Actus, Apollon, Chiarugi 1, Chiarugi 2, Chiarugi 2+, Chiarugi 3, Chiarugi 5, Chiarugi 6, Chiarugi 7, Chiarugi Alpaca 2, Chiarugi E Brass, Chudnow E Brass, D6, E6, E8, Eterion, F&M, F&M AM, Glotin C/S, Glotin S/S, Gualco Brass, Gualco Cobre, Gualco Gold, Gualco Rodio, Gualco Silver, Guercio AM, Guercio D11, Guercio D12, Lorée Brass, Lorée German Silver, Lorée Gold, Lorée Silver, Chiarugi German Silver 2+, Chiarugi M Brass

Longitud Tudel

45 mm, 46 mm, 47 mm

Longitud Raspado

10 mm, 10.50 mm, 11 mm, 9 mm, 9.50 mm

Longitud Total Caña

71 mm, 72 mm, 73 mm



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