Lorée Silver Bocal for English Horn BOC


218,00 - sin IVA.
263,78 - IVA Incl.

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Bocal Lorée Silver for English Horn BOC, with silver bath.

We make 4 different lengths of English horn mouths: 0, 1, 2 and 3.
No. 0 x 87.5 mm
No. 1 x 90 mm
No. 2 x 92.5 mm
No. 3 x 95 mm

And for each of these, there is an “H” version (i.e. 0H, 1H, 2H and 3H).
The “H” versions have exactly the same lengths, but the shape is different, so the reed goes deeper into the mouth, which raises the tone.

So, to summarize, we offer, from a higher pitch to a lower tone:
No. 0H, 0, 1H, 1, 2H, 2, 3H and 3.

Each mouth model is available silver or gold.

In addition, we make a special model with much thicker walls that is called bocal * Etoile *.
It exists only in No. 2, silver or gold

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